Big Data Text Analysis

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Saving a Random Sample of Tweets for Content Analysis

A random sample of texts can be saved by Mozdeh by clicking the Save tab (0 below), clearing the search text box (1), checking the Save Random Matching Tweets to Text File (2) and clicking the Boolean Search button (3).

When asked for a location to save the results to, make sure that you remember and can find the location that you chose. Hint: If you can't find it, select View all Reports Created So Far from the Analyse menu.
To run a content analysis, load the new file into a spreadsheet. The easiest way to do this is to open a spreadsheet program, then open the text file, select and copy all the text in the text file and paste it into the spreadsheet.


Made by the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton during the CREEN and CyberEmotions EU projects.