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Downloading Tweets from a Set of Users

Here is a video showing how to download tweets from a set of users and create networks from them.

The first stage is to generate a list of the usernames of the tweeters that you want to analyse. It is important to make sure that the list is comprehensive and does not include any incorrect accounts because these can disrupt the analysis.

Once you have your list of Twitter usernames, start Mozdeh (or download it to a Windows PC or laptop if you don't have it already). Enter a name for your project in the Wizard Step 1 screen and click Start New Project.

In the data collection screen: (1) Click the Tweeters tab, and (2) Enter the queries in the Data Collection screen (without the initial @ symbols, and one username per line).

Once all the usernames have been entered, click the Download Users' Tweets button. You will be taken to a web page asking you to logon to Twitter. This will give you a pin number to enter into Mozdeh that gives Mozdeh permission to search on your behalf (but not permission to tamper with your account, so this is safe).
Mozdeh will now collect tweets from your users. If they have more than 3200 tweets, including retweets, then it will download only the most recent tweets.

When it has finished, it will ask a series of questions – please click OK or give the suggested answer to these questions and then you should get the main search screen. Now follow from the second or third step in the instructions in order to analyse the tweets.

Made by the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton during the CREEN and CyberEmotions EU projects.