Big Data Text Analysis

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Social Media Data Analysis
Date: Pick your own day and try to follow the suggested timings below
Instructor: Mike Thelwall

Before starting:

(1) You will need a Windows computer to download and run a program from. Download Mozdeh from the Download link above and save it to your computer or USB stick in a location, such as My Documents, where you can create folders. Mozdeh is free academic software with no malware. Double-click on Mozdeh after downloading to make sure that it starts without getting a computer error (click the Test button in the Project Wizard screen and then Quit afterwards).

Possible problems and solutions: (a) if you get a file access error and are running Mozdeh from a network drive, the cloud or storage not on your computer, please try running it from a USB stick attached to your computer because network delays can cause it problems. (b) If you get an error message about proxy permissions when running Mozdeh from a work computer, then please either get your network administrator to allow Mozdeh to access the internet or run it from a non-work computer, such as from home, if you can.

(2) Sign up for a free Twitter account, if not already a tweeter (follow @Mozdeh4 for updates). Also, sign up here for a Twitter API developer account and take a copy of the huge "bearer token" that will be assigned to you. Mozdeh will ask for the bearer token.

(3) Please learn how to email screenshots in case of technical problems during the course.

(4) If interested in YouTube, get a YouTube API key with the Workshop Appendix instructions (about 1 hour), saving the key somewhere safe.
Optional:  Two talks about research projects made with the help of the methods in this course. ADHD tweets, Bullying on YouTube.

Zipfile with slides and workshop tasks. Note that the information about PINs is out of date and you will need to sign up as a Twitter developer and get a bearer token instead (see above).


Talks 1-3: Downloading, searching, filtering and analysing tweets with Mozdeh [Talks 1, 2, 3 on YouTube]


Q&A & comments


Coffee break


Workshop 1: Downloading, searching, filtering and analysing tweets with Mozdeh [Mozdeh demos of searching for Tweets] Update 8 May 2022: a Twitter API developer "bearer token" is needed to search tweets now. See Twitter for a complete set of instructions for allowable queries.




Talk 4: Word association mining with Mozdeh. [Talk on YouTube] [Bonus video about Word Association Thematic Analysis]


Q&A & comments


Workshop 2: Word association mining with Mozdeh applied to timeline tweets


Coffee break


Talk 5: YouTube data gathering and analysis with Mozdeh [Talk on YouTube]


Q&A & comments


Workshop 3: YouTube analysis with Mozdeh (or carry on with Twitter if preferred)


Talk 6: Sum up and next steps. [YouTube] Finish.

Made by the Statistical Cybermetrics and Research Evaluation Group at the University of Wolverhampton during the CREEN and CyberEmotions EU projects.