Big Data Text Analysis

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Social Media Data Analysis
Date: Pick your own day and try to follow the suggested timings below
Instructor: Mike Thelwall

Before starting:

(1) You will need a Windows computer to download and run a program from. Download Mozdeh from the Download link above and save it to your computer or USB stick in a location, such as My Documents, where you can create folders. Mozdeh is free academic software with no malware. Double-click on Mozdeh after downloading to make sure that it starts without getting a computer error (click the Test button in the Project Wizard screen and then Quit afterwards).

Possible problems and solutions: (a) if you get a file access error and are running Mozdeh from a network drive, the cloud or storage not on your computer, please try running it from a USB stick attached to your computer because network delays can cause it problems. (b) If you get an error message about proxy permissions when running Mozdeh from a work computer, then please either get your network administrator to allow Mozdeh to access the internet or run it from a non-work computer, such as from home, if you can.

(2) Sign up for a free Twitter account, if not already a tweeter (follow @Mozdeh4 for updates).

(3) Please learn how to email screenshots in case of technical problems during the course.

(4) If interested in YouTube, get a YouTube API key with the Workshop Appendix instructions (about 1 hour), saving the key somewhere safe.
Optional:  Two talks about research projects made with the help of the methods in this course. ADHD tweets, Bullying on YouTube.

Zipfile with slides and workshop tasks.


Talks 1-3: Downloading, searching, filtering and analysing tweets with Mozdeh [Talks 1, 2, 3 on YouTube]


Q&A & comments


Coffee break


Workshop 1: Downloading, searching, filtering and analysing tweets with Mozdeh [Mozdeh demos of searching for Tweets and downloading users' tweets]




Talk 4: Word association mining with Mozdeh. [Talk on YouTube] [Bonus video about Word Association Thematic Analysis]


Q&A & comments


Workshop 2: Word association mining with Mozdeh applied to timeline tweets


Coffee break


Talk 5: YouTube data gathering and analysis with Mozdeh [Talk on YouTube]


Q&A & comments


Workshop 3: YouTube analysis with Mozdeh (or carry on with Twitter if preferred)


Talk 6: Sum up and next steps. [YouTube] Finish.

Made by the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton during the CREEN and CyberEmotions EU projects.